• 2021.11:Interview about Spectrum Management Office Posted on You Tube

    An English interview about the Spectrum Management Office conducted by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) Office for Astronomy Outreach (OAO) has been posted on YouTube.

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  • 2021.10.18: Nagano Prefecture has revised the ordinance to prevent light pollution.

    Nagano Prefecture has established measures to prevent light pollution in the " Ordinance on the preservation of a good living environment * " to prevent discomfort to local residents, disruption of the bio-rhythms and growth of animals and plants, and the effects on the starry sky environment. The revised ordinance provides a definition of light pollution, and encourages efforts to prevent light leaking upward from lighting equipment in order to prevent light pollution. The use of searchlights is also prohibited in general, and people using a searchlight may be fined.

  • 2021.09.09: Operation of wireless systems that are expected to affect radio astronomy observation Restricted.

    The details of new restrictions have been posted on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications "Restrictions on operation when using UWB wireless systems outdoors" (in Japanese).
    Please see the Latest Studies on Radio Frequency Sharing and Compatibility for the contents of discussions and studies.

    A poster requesting a reduction of radio wave transmissions.
  • 2021.06.01:New Member Joins Spectrum Management Office.

    Prof. Masaaki Hiramatsu joined the Spectrum Management Office.

  • 2021.05:Interview about the activities to protect the starry sky Posted on You Tube

    An English interview with astronomers about the Dark and Quiet Skies project conducted by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) Office for Astronomy Outreach (OAO) has been posted on YouTube.

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  • 2021.03:NAOJ News March 2021 

    "Investigation of the effects of the Darksat satellite on astronomical observations using the Murikabushi Telescope" Posted in “NAOJ News March 2021.” (in Japanese)

  • 2021.02: Newton April 2021

    "40,000 Artificial Satellites Plague Astronomers" Posted in “Newton April 2021". (in Japanese)

    An eight-page special feature details how 40,000 artificial satellites in the sky will affect astronomical observations from the ground, problems in coexistence of space development and space observation, and other issues in the future.

  • 2021.01:Universe Today

    “Astronomers Confirm That Darksat is About Half as Bright as an Unpainted Starlink” Posted in “Universe Today.”

  • Year2020

  • 2020.12: Astrophysical Journal Vol.905 No.1."Simultaneous Multicolor Observations of Starlink's Darksat by the Murikabushi Telescope with MITSuME” Posted in the American astrophysical journal "Astrophysical Journal Vol.905 No.1."

  • 2020.12.08:Astronomers Confirm a dark coating applied to artificial satellites reduces their reflected light by using the Murikabushi Telescope at Ishigakijima Astronomical Observatory of NAOJ.

  • 2020.05: NAOJ News May 2020“Possibility of coexistence: A beautiful starry sky and high-speed Internet communication devices” Posted in “NAOJ News May2020.” (in Japanese)

  • 2020.03:The Astronomical Herald vol.113 No.3“Impact of huge communication satellite network on astronomical observation” Posted in “The Astronomical Herald vol.113 No.3.” (in Japanese)