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Are prior reservations required?
Yes, reservations are required. The available dates and the target objects for each night are listed at:Calendar & Registration
Can I change the reservation time after making a reservation?
No, reservation times cannot be changed. Please register again for the desired time. Please understand that if the deadline has closed, you will not be able to reregister.
What time do the Regular Stargazing Parties end?
Guests are divided into groups of 50 based on the order of registration that evening. Each group receives an orientation and then moves to the telescope. In clear weather, after an approximately 15 minute orientation and the chance to observe celestial objects through the telescope, guests disperse at their own leisure. The standard estimate is that the Regular Stargazing Party ends 30 to 40 minutes after the orientation starts.
A special schedule is planned under the infectious disease countermeasure regime for a while in 2022-2023.
What happens if the weather is cloudy or raining?
When it is cloudy enough that stars cannot be seen with the naked eye, astronomical observation cannot be conducted, but orientations about the celestial objects and tours of the telescope will be conducted. Whether or not observations are possible will be decided the day of the event and announced via Twitter (Japanese language only.)
Will there be a chance to ask questions about astronomy?
Please feel free to ask the staff questions (English ability varies.).
Note: A questions corner usually set up is canceled under the infectious disease countermeasure regime for a while in 2022.
Will children be able to understand the orientation?
We strive to make the explanations as easy to understand as possible. (The presentations make ample use of pictures and various computer programs.) We think it will be enjoyable for children.
Will you explain the constellations?
If the weather is good, there will be an introduction to the night sky.