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For Attendees

Some of the event staff can speak English, but the Regular Stargazing Parties are conducted primarily in Japanese. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

To make for an enjoyable Regular Stargazing Party, please refer to "Order of Events at the Regular Star Parties (2024)" beforehand. Also we appreciate keep in mind the following remarks.

Keep your Reception Time, the Number Limit of Attendees.

  • The venue is open just before the reception time. For security reasons, visitors are restricted from entering the building outside of designated hours.
  • You are not assigned to the earlier group even though you have arrived earlier.
  • Cannot add extra attendees.

Choose Appropriate Clothing and Equipment.

  • Please wear clothing and shoes comfortable to move in.
  • Please take proper protection against insects in summer and against the cold in winter.

Do Not Bring in "Light" that will Interfere with Viewing.

  • At stargazing, we observe a small amount of light from celestial objects with a telescope. You need to adapt your eyes to darkness to be able to view clear images.
  • Please do not bring things emitting light that cannot be turned off and disturb observation, such as light-up shoes.
  • Light from flashlights, cameras, cell phones, or tablets may interfere with viewing. Please follow the instructions of the staff for use of them.

Please Cooperate with our Infection Control Measures.

  • Please refrain from attendance if you are sick, such as with a fever.
  • If you are concerned about infection from the mucous membrane of your eyes, please wear glasses to look through the telescope.

Other notes

  • It is very dark in the stargazing site outdoors. Please be careful not to fall down or bump into other people or telescopes. Smoking is prohibited in the stargazing event area.

In the case of rain or bad weather, astronomical observations can’t be conducted.

  • The orientation in the lecture room will be extended by about 15-20 minutes.
  • In cloudy weather, after the orientation, tours of the 50-cm Telescope for Public Outreach will be conducted in Japanese. (In the case of rain, you are free to leave after the orientation.)
  • A Regular Stargazing Party will be canceled if a weather warning is announced or if we determine that there is a danger to the participants. Cancelation notifications will be announced via X (former Twiiter) (Japanese language only).