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One may believe the heavens are visible only from the remote countryside, but even in urban areas where city lights interfere with the dark sky, the Universe still stretches out above us.
For this reason, Stargazing Parties are held each month at NAOJ Mitaka Campus.

Why not explore the celestial objects which can be enjoyed through an astronomical telescope each season while learning how much we know about the true nature of distant objects?

The experience of looking up at the sky and witnessing celestial phenomena and the motions of the heavens is related to leading edge space observations.
Please come and discover the joy of astronomy in the evening at NAOJ Mitaka Campus, an astronomy research center exploring the mysteries of the Universe.

Stargazing Calendar


(12/9/2023 updated) Announcement of Next Regular Stargazing

  • Next Stargazing is scheduled on 23 September (sat): First half 19:30-19:40 / Latter half 20:05-20:15 (reception time).
  • Application will accepted during 2023/9/13 Wed. 12 noon - 9/14 Thu. 12 noon. Application form is aveilable from Calendar & Registration.
  • The capacity of the event is 40 persons for each half, number of applicants up to 4 persons for a single application.
Please enjoy explanation about celestial objects by student staffs and live image from 50-cm public telescope.

(31/03/2023 updated) Announcement of 2023 Annual Schedule for Regular Stargazing

  • Schedule from April 2023 to March 2024 is annouced.

Stargazing Party response to COVID-19 concerns

(15/11/2022 updated) The regular stargazing party partially resumes Onsite style from November.

  • The online events are streamed from August 2020, in substitution for on-site stargazing in NAOJ Mitaka campus.
  • Starting in November, the format of the regular stargazing party is changed as follows.
    • On the day before the 2nd Saturday: Online
    • On the 4th Saturday: On-site (advance application/lottery)
  • In order to prevent infection, we will resume the on-site stargazing with a smaller number of participants, in "Digital Viewing" style: viewing telescope images projected on a display (without looking through the telescope).
  • Please see "Calendar & Registration" for details.